Our Aims

Europe is facing hard times. With the European elections coming up in May 2019, the dominance of free-market and pro-European ideas, which have made our continent integrate, but in strongly inequal ways, is being threatened by the rapid emergence of illiberal and particularist ones.
At the same time, forces that endorse social progress have turned against European integration because, they claim, it is not capable to produce convergence, equality and solidarity both between European countries and between European citizens.

We disagree. Or, at least, we would like to put the notion to the test.

We believe that European integration is an achievement so historic and so precious that it deserves yet another, and an even harder effort to target the fundamental problem: Today, Europe works only for some of us. We believe that nothing else than inclusiveness and social justice can help to build sustainable democratic legitimacy of European institutions.

This platform aims to set out an agenda of concrete and realistic measures that can be implemented to make the European project, actually, work. In order to do so, we ask experts and practitioners from everywhere across the continent for a contribution by commenting on topics proposed by us or by commenting on each other.

Each contribution tackles one of the most relevant topics of the political and academic debate (such as: labour markets, social policy, monetary and fiscal integration, fiscal justice, migration, industrial policy, environmental sustainability, etc.). Contributors are held to consider three crucial questions:
1. How is the proposed project technically and economically realisable?
2. How is it politically and institutionally realisable?
3. Why is this a better idea than to quit the European Union or to drastically reverse the achievements of European integration?

The aim is to supply these ideas to the debate during and after the campaign for the European Parliamentary Elections 2019: to any political actor, and to all citizens, who may be in need of them.

Enjoy our collection of answers.